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Running a website is no easy task. Well, at least a successful one does not drop from the sky. It takes a tremendous amount of time, commitment and patience. Luckily, it does not require deep pockets if you learn what we will share with you here at webmastering.info. Despite the hard work, the rewards of being a webmaster more than offsets the pain. This is something which you will realise in time if you have not already.
Choose a subject for your website which you truely have an interest in, something which you keep up to date on as a hobby. The internet has more surfers than anyone can visualise. Unlike the 'real world', there is no geographical boundaries. So what do this mean? This means that any topic, however rare and seemingly unpopular, have the potential to be a successful if you do a good job. In point form, it translate to

Popular theme --> Relatively larger pool of surfers and greater competition due to more websites on the same theme.

Less popular theme --> Relatively smaller pool of surfers and less competition due to less webmasters running similar website.

However, as said earlier, the internet is so big that even a relatively smaller pool of surfers can translate to a huge number of surfers in real numbers. And don't forget that the internet is constantly growing!

So what do all this mean? It means that you should not choose a topic based on how popular the theme, but on how much you like the topic. Choose a topic that you have a personal interest in, and you will find it all that much painless to run your website. However, do not forsake your theme just because it is a popular theme. Yes, there will be more competition from other webmasters, but if you have a personal interest in the theme, why worry about competition? Ultimately, it is your site, so do what is closest to your heart!

In summary,
1. choose the theme of your site wisely. Don't just leap into it.
2. Consider and weigh the following factors:
-- theme popularity
-- competition
-- personal interest and motivation

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