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Building your website is the simplest and most fundamental component of webmastering, but it is also the part where people makes the most mistakes, often unconsciously. Getting it right from the beginning will save you time and energy in the future as you expand or make modifications to your site. Fortunately, help is at hand!

Here, you learn how to build your site most efficiently, while creating pages which are effective and usable while easy to update and maintain.

You are recommended to read through all the topics, even if you are an experienced webmaster. There is always something which can benefit you and gems to discover!

Ground Info ::
Some important things you should know even BEFORE you start building your website.
1. Before you even start building
2. Webmastering technical terms
3. Setting it all up

Building Techniques ::

Tips and techiques a successful webmaster consciously or unconsciously follow.

Html ::

The basic building blocks of a website. Html.

Graphics ::
Graphics and design is what gives your site character.

Scripts ::
Scripts are what makes a site dynamic. The most popular scripting languages are cgi and php.


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