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As a webmaster, there is some terms which you will need to know. Here, we try to outline all the most common ones in layman terms without making all this look like a dictionary. We are here to help you, not make us look good.

Scripts: They are routines written in a scripting language such as cgi, php etc. They make a site more dynamic, so that your website can 'respond' to user inputs.

Download: The act of transferring files from a server to your computer.

Upload: The act of transferring files from your computer to a server.

Internet Service Provider (ISP): A company you subscribe to for your connection to the internet.

Server: A computer permanently connected to the net for 24hrs a day where your website is uploaded to so that your uploaded site can be accessible anytime or the day, any day of the week.

Hosting: The easiest way to understand the meaning of hosting is to imagine you renting a house to stay. The house is your host. The landlord is hosting you. You are hosted by your landlord. In this case, the house is your server and you represent your website.

FTP: Ftp stands for 'File Transfer Protocol'. Ftp programs can be downloaded from the internet. They are used as a medium to upload your website files to your server.

Ad Banners: They are virtual 'billboards' which carry advertising. Typically advertisers pay you to put these advertising on your site hoping to draw traffic to their site. For some webmasters, this could be a good source of income.

A program used for browsing the internet. The most commonly used browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer.

URL is the a web address that you type into your browser to access a website. (ie www.something.com)

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