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All Webmastering Resources on this site is really Free
The policies we run by and the rational behind it.

It wouldn't be magic otherwise

If you take a walk down to the shopping mall, you will find that there are many things you can actually get for free. This is because by giving away these free 'gifts', these companies also gave you the opportunity to discover their strengths, such as product quality or usefulness.

On the internet it is the same. Companies sometimes offer free services so that you can experience their level of quality.

However, most 'free' products offered by many companies may only be free in a sense. They may expire over time, or they may be crippeled versions that don't do their job well.

Here, we filter out all the 'free' junk from the web to bring to you only those that are truely free in every sense of the word.

" You can be assured that everything that is free on this site is really free. "

To help us continue to bring to everyone the best free services, tools and resources on the net, please inform us if you come across any that are not shown on this site. If they could serve their purpose better than the equivalent already listed on the site, then they will be included on our next update in the respective section.


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