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Quick Direct
- Virus scan
- Speed test

- Network Query
- Internet PIR
- International Time
- Language Tools

Note: ALL Tools and Services on this site are totally FREE !

Online Virus Scanners ( web based )  
The main advantage to these web based virus scanners is that they contain up to the minute updated virus definations for detection. New viruses and trojans are created at higher frequencies than ever, so it is crucial to scan your computer with current virus lists.


Both TrendMicro and RAV are providing these virus scan services free. No registration is required.

Panda Active Scan below requires submission of email address, but there is no verification so it is quite painless. Upon submit you will be taken to the scan directly.

The following services by Symantec can check both your online security and system infection. Use both for a holistic checkup!
(both checks are free and no registration is required)



Online Speed Test (web based)  
Do you often use internet cafes for your webmastering needs while on the go? This tool can be used to find the effective internet connection speed of a cyber-cafe.
This way you can find the fastest cyber-cafe to go to!

This link is free. No registration needed.


Investigating Domains & IPS

Network Query Tool  
After supplying a hostname or IP, this service will do all of the following:

- whois query (domain or IP)
- reverse lookup
- DNS query (dig),
- check port,
- ping,
- and traceroute.

This links are free. No registration needed.


Regional Internet Registry (RIR)  

For additional IP investigations.


International Communications

International Time and Date  
If you need to get in touch with an overseas client, service provider or associate, it is important to know their time. If you call outside of their working hours, you'll know the phone will just keep ringing because no one is there to answer it!

After supplying a location, this service will get all of the following:

- time and date at this instant, at any location in the world
- international country code for telephone
- coordinates (latitude & longitude)
Enter name of city, place, country or continent:

This query tool is free. No registration needed.


Language Tools  

Have you ever wanted to use Pinyin (romanization system of chinese characters) on a website? Now you can, by using this quick converter.


Treasure Searching

Undiscovered Terrority Searches  

In today's internet society, good sites are quickly made known through word of mouth be it through a discussion board, online chat or personal emails. These sites were usually discovered through searches at popular search engines. Therefore, it is actually more efficiently to ask for website recommendations than to DIY because you may have to go through 20 URLs or more before you'll find the best site for what you are looking for.

However, there are still many great sites that lay undiscovered simply because they are not listed in good positions at the popular search engines. Therefore, it is harder for people to stumble across them and discover their strengths.

Sometimes, to discover gems that are undiscovered, you have to use less known search engines that use different indexing algorithms. These engines give different search results and rankings than the well-known engines, sometimes listing sites which were not even 'captured' for indexing by the popular search engines.



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