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One of the side-benefits of webmastering is that other than sharing what you love, you can actually make profits. If you have spent time and money to create your site, why not get your site to work for you too?

(Note: More traffic equates to more profits, so if you have skipped the 'promoting' section, you might want to go through it.)

No Get Rich Quick
Just a little piece of advice for all webmasters. Do not be tempted by 'Get Rich Quick' schemes perpetuating on the internet as scammers go online. We believe in honest, steadfast profits. A steady stream of profits is what we all should be after, not to mention the satisfaction of getting paid for our honest webmastering efforts. Regardless of what anyone tells you, 'Get Rich Quick' schemes are illegal, immoral and in most situations both. Webmastering should be enjoyable and fun.

With some work creating your site and some luck, you can quickly get your site to pay for itself as well as reward you financially. :)

Two channels for creating a revenue stream from your website is through ad serving (publishing ads) and being affliates of sites selling products.


Ad Serving
This is the main revenue stream for most content based websites. Online ads used to be flashing things that only vie for the reader's attention. Luckily for us all, that is a thing of the past. With the introduction of text based targetted ads, ads can in fact add value to your pages by offering relevant content that is of genuine value to your site's visitors.

To start displaying targetted ads that is valuable to your audience, we highly recommend Google Adsense. Sign up today and start monetising your website!

Direct Affiliates
If you do not have your own product to sell, the alternative is to sell someone else's and earn a small commission. Unlike real-life marketing agents, the online version version usually does not require you to meet monthly quotas or sales targets. Although commissions are small, they can build up over time until your totalled commissions meet the minimum sum required for a check to be sent to you.

The main thing to remember for finding success in going this route is to put the relevancy of the product before commission offered. There is no point in promoting products that offer high commissions but of no interest/value to your site's visitors.

What to look out for in joining an affiliate program:
- Many affliate programs out there either keep inaccurate statistics(depriving you of what you are due), give unreasonably low percentage commissions or offer products which no one will ever buy. Read and understand the company's policies before you join, not only when you are wondering why you are not getting paid. :)

- Some Direct Affiliate companies are outright scams that keep perfect stats but never pay. Some can even disappear without warning. Always look for a company that has a track record of paying their affiliates.

The following are some affiliate programs worth signing up for:

1. The T-shirts affiliate sign up

Payout to you
: $5 per shirt sold from your website link.

Pay frequency
: bi-weekly or to your preference.

These are T-shirts that will actually sell. There is a huge range of designs, styles, colours and sizes meaning your visitors will probably be able to find the right design, cut and fit. Coupled with a reasonable pricetag, they make really tempting buys.
Some designs may be too 'loud' for the conservative.

Sign up here


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