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Traffic is what you've made your site for. A successful promotion campaign gives your site exposure and life. However, make sure you have read our 'building' section first. Promoting your site may get people to visit, but make sure your site works! You don't want people leaving on the first page, never to return. Effective site promotion coupled with good design makes your visitors return and your traffic grow.

Getting the first wave ::
Surprisingly, getting traffic to a site is not difficult at all. It is not even expensive! If you have read our mission statement, you would know that this is exactly what we are here for. That is, to help small sites through the aquisition and exercise of knowledge, creativity and ingenuity, to take on the major players on the internet!

Most webmasters do not reveal their methods (understandably). Here, we show you all. Yeah, none of that trade secret stuff. :) This is why our domain name is webmastering.info!

What every webmaster should know about website promotion on the internet.

Search engines
Introduction to search engines.

Search engine submission
Submitting your site to Search Engines.

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Someone stole your work? Take action!


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