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These some tools which are useful to webmasters.
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Undiscovered Terrority Searches

In today's internet society, good sites are quickly made known through word of mouth be it through a discussion board, online chat or personal emails. These sites were usually discovered through searches at popular search engines. Therefore, it is actually more efficiently to ask for website recommendations than to DIY because you may have to go through 20 URLs or more before you'll find the best site for what you are looking for.

However, there are still many great sites that lay undiscovered simply because they are not listed in good positions at the popular search engines. Therefore, it is harder for people to stumble across them and discover their strengths.

Sometimes, to discover gems that are undiscovered, you have to use less known search engines that use different indexing algorithms. These engines give different search results and rankings than the well-known engines, sometimes listing sites which were not even 'captured' for indexing by the popular search engines. Remember, web designers and programmers may create wonderful resources, but ultimately a search engine lists websites using a non-human algorithm. Although the best sides usually get good rankings, there are also excellent websites further down the list.


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